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  1. Hi FrozenInMotion,


    Welcome to AS! :) I really hope that you find being a member of AS as rewarding as I and many others do. If you've had a chance to look around the boards, I'm sure you'll have seen what a fantastic community ths is. Anyway, I'll stop babbling on! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. I'm sorry for what brought you here, but i hope AS can help you in your journey of healing

    vit xxx

  2. Hi Aileen,

    Welcome to AS! :hi: Sorry that you're having problems with anxiety at the moment. I also have problems with anxiety and struggle to talk about why as well. AS has been amazing for me and I really hope that it is for you too :)


    I look forward to talking to you in chat and around the boards! :flowers:


    (here's a happy penguin to celebrate you being here!!) :)

  3. Hey Anarchy, :hi:

    Welcome to AS. :aswelcomesu::wave:

    I'm glad you've found AS to help you along in your healing, but I'm sorry for what brought you here.

    If you need anything at all... any help gettting around, any explaination of how things work, anything... feel free to PM me :)

    I hope you feel at home here and settle in quickly :)


    love from vit



    p.s. there's lots of entertaining emoticons too!!! :)

  4. Hey,

    welcome to AS! I'm sorry that you've needed to come here, but I'm glad that you have found it. The community here at AS is so amazing and supportive - I think you've definitely done the right thing in coming here :)


    (and there's loads of cool emoticons that always make me giggle!) :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    love from vit xxx


  5. Hi,

    This is my first time that I have ever looked at a website like this; I have been a victim of numerous rapes, not ready to tell my story just yet. My boyfriend encouraged me to look for a website and try it out. I want to be able to speak about what happen and not cry about it, I hope that by me doing this will help me get passed everything.

    Welcome to AS, take your time with telling your story - we'll all be here ready to litsen.

    Looking forward to talking to you


  6. Hey,

    I'm vitamin. I've been reading some posts for around a week now i think and have plucked up the courage to post too. I'm glad I've found somewhere that people understand what is happening and somewhere that is so supportive.

    Maybe I'll be able to talk some more soon. Let's see what happens

    Cheers everyone

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