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  1. It's a difficult day today. One of my best friends has cut me out.

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    2. feralcat


      So sorry vitamin! What the hell. Why did your friend do that? It sounds so hurtful.....

      Here keeping you company,


    3. vitamin


      Thanks feralcat, it’s a long story but the short story is his wife made him :( 

    4. feralcat


      So sorry vitamin. That really stinks. I'm not sure most people understand that pure friendship is such a truly special thing, that the connections we have with each other make our lives rich and meaningful... I'm sorry this has been taken away from you. I hope perhaps it will be a temporary thing and he will reconsider. It's really hard to lose a good friend. 

      Sending you healing light,


  2. I'm infinitely grateful for AS... the warmth I feel here is second to none

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