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  1. Beautifully written, Cap. I'm sorry the holidays were such a difficult time for you and that you had to bottle it all up and not tell anyone. At least that is done now and you have a positive outlook for the rest of the year. Big hugs!
  2. It's a difficult day today. One of my best friends has cut me out.

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    2. feralcat


      So sorry vitamin! What the hell. Why did your friend do that? It sounds so hurtful.....

      Here keeping you company,


    3. vitamin


      Thanks feralcat, it’s a long story but the short story is his wife made him :( 

    4. feralcat


      So sorry vitamin. That really stinks. I'm not sure most people understand that pure friendship is such a truly special thing, that the connections we have with each other make our lives rich and meaningful... I'm sorry this has been taken away from you. I hope perhaps it will be a temporary thing and he will reconsider. It's really hard to lose a good friend. 

      Sending you healing light,


  3. Hi Vitamin, just checking in... Wondering if you were able to sleep ok. I hope the after-EMDR nightmares end soon... You are so brave 🙂 I'm usually around if you ever want to talk. Take care.


    1. vitamin


      Hey @feralcat

       thanks for checking in, I really appreciate it! The post-EMDR nightmares did die down but then I had another session today so have it all to look forward to again! I’m here if you want to talk too, I have family visiting this week so won’t be around as much but will check in most evenings.


  4. Hi Vitamin. I just tried to send you a private message just saying Hello and it somehow seemed to end up in "status update"??? Sorry I screwed up, hoping you can fix it!

    1. vitamin


      Haha don’t worry 😂 it’s a minefield trying to get around the site sometimes! 

  5. Hi Vitamin,

    Just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing... Hope you're having good dreams..... 🙂


    P.S. How's my buddy Hank?

    1. vitamin


      Hey feralcat,

      thanks for your message! I had a pretty hardcore EMDR session today so I’m still reeling from that. Other than that I’m ok, how are you doing? Hank sends his love! He’s gorgeous as always and helping me this evening by being extra cuddly! 


  6. Hi @mattzigzagu Welcome to AS, you have found an extremely kind and supportive community here. Read lots and post when when are ready, we'll be listening. Vit
  7. Hi @KotzKat I'm so for your experiences that brought you here but I'm glad you've found AS - it is a truly kind and supportive community here. Welcome to AS! Vit
  8. I'm infinitely grateful for AS... the warmth I feel here is second to none

  9. vitamin


    Welcome to AS. You've found a kind and caring community here. Read as much as you need and post when you feel ready, we'll all be here to support you. Vit
  10. hi @lilyhailey Welcome to AS. I'm sorry for what you've been through to bring you here but I'm glad you've found us. I'm sure you'll see that AS is a kind and caring community full of support for everyone. Read through the forums and post when you feel ready and comfortable and we'll be here to listen. Safe hugs if ok vit
  11. hi @Lightbug Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry for what brought you here but I'm glad you found us. This is a kind and supportive community and it sounds like you'll fit right in! Read lots and post whenever you are ready. Looking forward to getting to know you vit
  12. Hi Jessie, Welcome to AS, you'll find a kind and supportive community here ready to listen whenever you're ready to talk. Sorry for what brought you here but I'm glad you found us. Vit
  13. vitamin

    New here

    hi @mess i'm sorry for what brought you here but you have found an amazing community of kind a supportive people. Post when you feel ready and you will be heard. best wishes and safe hugs if ok vit
  14. Hi @Nightfury, Welcome to AS. It is a great community of support and love here, so you have come to the right place! Please don't feel to blame for what happened to you, it wasn't your fault no matter whether online or otherwise. I'm sorry for what brought you here, but know that you have come to a fantastic place where you will always be heard. Vit
  15. @Survivor_ don’t compare traumas. All of our experiences are equally valid.
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