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    A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience.

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  1. I was wondering if there is a place to post questions about medications? I've been looking but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere. I guess it could go in the Therapy thread but it doesn't seem right there either. If there is one sorry for posting this lol If there isn't could there be? Thank you! Lisa
  2. "All women secretly want to be raped." Are you stupid?? "Being raped would be the only way she'd get laid." I was 13 when this was said about me. "Just stop thinking about it. Duh." Yeah..cuz that works. "I'd never let a man do that to me. One hit and I'd be gone." (Talking about my physical abuse) That comment makes me more mad than any other because people are so uneducated. Its not like they hit you after the first date or anything. They build up to it, gain your trust, make you depend on them and then start with a little shove or a slap here and it escalates. People are so stupi
  3. Thank you Lindy! Lol. I don't know why I couldn't have just thought of that Lisa
  4. Its like every fourth post it changes back and forth
  5. Yes it does lol. My picture was like all stretched out and strange looking lol Karen so am I lol
  6. Lol well its annoying! Ugh. My avatar is supposed to be the ultrasound picture and sometimes it is and then sometimes its me... It was me before this post and now its the ultrasound...maybe it'll go back and forth with every post lol I just dont understand!!!! I even deleted my avatar and then uploaded a completely different picture and it shows the old picture. Whhaaattt???
  7. I changed my avatar and when I go to where I'm supposed to upload a picture it shows that that is the one I changed it to but on the board and my profile its the old picture??? I dont understand
  8. Hey I just brought this up in the Chat Room last night lol I would really like it if they could make one for those of us going through the hell hole known as a legal system
  9. LisaAnn


    Welcome to AS. I'm new as well but there's A LOT of supportive people here. I love this place.
  10. LisaAnn


    Yes we have talked! You're my new friend lol :) I seem to have developed some kind of obsession with this board lol I find comfort in my daughter every single day Thank you and you take care of yourself as well
  11. LisaAnn


    Thanks for your support and understanding Lawrence Long distance relationships suck Thanks again Sara ;)
  12. LisaAnn


    Well thats good. I never thought that I would find anyone who has been through what I have. It makes me feel...relieved I guess above all things.
  13. LisaAnn


    Thank you all. I'm starting to feel a little better already. Is that wierd?
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