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  1. I might join or "like" the after silence fb page......I already have fb "liked" rape support pages, I think ppl just think I am supporting them, not that I necessarily am a survivor.....unless of course, they are one of the ppl that knows.. I won't post any personal info on it but I will join or like the page and read the posts..
  2. I am really sorry - I bet one of those posts was mine, I put trigger and I think I put subject too - but I really wasn't sure of the appropriate place.....will keep this in mind, ty.... I really did not mean to bother anyone....
  3. Yw - I didn't know about that other one, will have to check it out...
  4. It's pinned here in relationships & sexuality: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=18727
  5. A friend, when I first started to tell what had happened a few weeks ago - I told her a little, not a lot but the gist.....and she said later to me on the phone... "Well, it went on for 2 1/2 hours..so you must have wanted it" or something like that..... I felt so ashamed and stupid. Was she right??? I decided no because I definately did not want that to happen...
  6. Ah, I see now, thanks. How do I do that if I want to? Make the blocks...
  7. Why are some words/sentences in posts blocked out with long black rectangles? Are certain things censored here? Just want to know...thanks..
  8. Hi, I'm Invalid....not comfortable with using my usual sn on the net or my name atm.....but I came for support....just saying hello, and making my first post.....hoping I will have courage to make more....
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