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    My names Aimee, Im 19, from England. I was beat up and raped on the 2nd of June this year by my boyfriend. He pleaded guilty at court on Thursday this week, (01/10/09)... Ive been up and down and gone through so many different thoughts and feelings and conflicting emotions. Ive hurt myself, Ive tried to kill myself... But now Im starting to get my life back on track.. I would really like to talk to others who have been through similar situations and experiences, I just want to be able to talk to someone who understands. Because no one does. And thats hard, it makes you feel so alone and isolated. I could also do with finding some ways to help myself in terms of my issues that I now have because of what happened. So Im really glad to be here. Hope you are all well, and taking care. Aimz x
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