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  1. Thank you for letting me join. I will be back. Tonight is just a bad night. goodnight to you all and i hope things are ok and or better in the morning for you all. Thank YOU!
  2. Thank you. I'm trying but hard night. I can't sleep for days but it will get better. I just need somewhere where people understand.
  3. Thank you. Is it late to be here? I'm on the west coast.
  4. i have been doing an outpatient program for almost a year now. started dbt to help with the ptsd from the abuse. PLEASE delete if not appropriate. I read the rules and hope i stay within them. I feel like the "ball" i have kept inside locked up tight has alot of cracks in it now. they are trying to help me but I'm alone ALOT. I just want a place to come where people MIGHT understand what I am going thru. I am so sorry if i am hurting anyone here. I don't want too. If i am please point me to where i can get more help. I'm kind of falling apart. I want to put the "ball" back in its place and ignore but know i won't get better til i deal. Am i making sense to anyone out there?
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