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  1. New To Board.

    Welcome, Missing! I'm with you...it's time for me to give something back to this group who has given me so much!! <3
  2. New To The Site!

    Welcome Tatiana! Just being able to come here and see that I'm not alone has saved me more times than I can count!
  3. Hello All!

    Hi Em! I'm pretty new to posting but I've been hanging on the site for a while. It's a wonderfully supportive place and everyone here would bend over backwards to help any other member. Welcome!
  4. Hiya!

    Hey everyone, I'm Phoebe. I'm 32 and live in Colorado. I used to visit here a lot when I was going through some rough times. I never got up the gaul to post anything, but reading people's stories gave me a lot of strength. Had a little leave of absence from here when I got myself back into some bad situations, and now I'm back. I like the new PW protected forums, and think that feeling of security might help me to finally share and let some of this out. Thanks for being my rock everyone, even if you don't know it. =) <3