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  1. I need more help. The worst part about it is that it was her older brother. She spent every weekend with him for 2-3 years when it started, it's perfectly possible that she got abused more than once but didn't remember/realize it. He's even tried doing it a few years ago when she was perfectly aware, but she managed to struggle and resist and get away. He still talks to people now, and tells people that he abused her and she was "willing" or "asking for it" (bullshit). He went as far as physically restraining her and penetrating her before she managed to get away once. This is all very hard
  2. I'm still in school however I live in Germany and she lives in England, so I'm not sure how much local help can be. I've also been on rather shaky grounds with any psychology centers and schools available in my area, so I'd prefer to talk to a professional counselor directly if possible. She has registered here, even helped me find this website and watching this thread, but she's really scared of posting here, especially talking to strangers. She's had some real bad trust issues since her incident (understandable, it was a relative of hers), which has made it really hard, because she doesn't
  3. I don't know where to start, so let me introduce myself first. I'm 15 years old (bordering 16) and I've been in a stable long distance relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year. Not two days ago I was talking to her about her past when she decided to confess to me she was raped as a child (8-9 years old), and she's changed ever since. She's 16 now and doesn't think about it anymore, and she tells me she doesn't let it affect her but I'm scared and worried. Now that we decided to talk about it it's hurting us both remembering what happened in her childhood (she got raped, her mother be
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