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  1. I will add it thanks. Is safari the browser for macs?
  2. There is a tutorial on how to leave no trace of being on After Silence there are a couple ways of doing this that are better then the ones you have because it's ovbious that you been somewhere that you didn't want them to know about if you delete the entire history. The below browsers have a browsing mode that leaves no trace of you visiting any websites unless you add a bookmark or download something(it will be on your computer obviously). Download link for Internet Explorer 8 How to use this with Internet Explorer 8 inPrivate browsing can be disabled by parental controls. If parental
  3. Female members are called members, while male members are called male members. I know this wasn't the intention but It sorta gives the impression that females are supposed to be here more then males are. It can be intimidating, would it be possible to change it to female members, like male members? Sorry if this is confuzzling
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