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  1. I think the men who come to this site are awesome for caring so much for their survivor friends, lovers, sisters, friends, mothers, wives, and daughters. A lot of what happens here in support is self expression of things we may otherwise have trouble expressing. And expressing it helps us deal with it. I think, especially in the vent section, that there needs to be some leeway and understanding when a person who has been raped expresses her rage and pain and fears regarding their rapists, and sometimes that extends to all people who share traits with that person. My therapist looks in
  2. Cathy, Thank you. No, I haven't heard back from the resource center yet. Frankly, i'm much more comfortable being able to be anonymous on an internet site than to actually sit face to face with someone or a group of people talking about these things. However, I'd like to be able to get my mom to participate with me, and I don't see her doing that online. Plus, I should find a 'marriage counselor' while my husband is open to it. Also, local support would be a good thing. Hopefully, i'll hear something from them soon. I'd much rather email back and forth to them a little before meeting a
  3. I have one person to talk to, who is very supportive and understands. I feel like the world would crush me if this person were not standing at my side bearing some of my load with me and telling me that I am strong and that I am not to blame. I am afraid sometimes that my single support will be overwhelmed. I've made a lot of personal progress lately, and I was online looking for counseling in my area. I did not find anything that looked like a place I would feel comfortable going to. I did email a women's resource center in my area asking for information about their services and counse
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