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  1. you are amazing. that is all i can really think to say. that simple post is so inspiring to so many people, myself included. thank you for sharing this. and you're right. we are survivors, not victims. thank you again. :] oh yah, and hello back :] ha
  2. Hey. I'm new too. And this was the only place I thought I could turn to.... and I still think that. It's only been a week. But this place has helped me not hold on to it... even if it means only talking to ppl on here about it.... but even that has helped.... If you need someone to talk to... msg me. honestly. Im so incredibly sorry that this is even a factor... no one deserves this. dont ever forget that.
  3. hey, don't worry. I am right there with you. And i honestly don't know what it is.... but I feel like I can ask, tell, explain, whatever..... to anyone here and I feel safe to do so....
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