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  1. In the last week I have had several posts or replies that I believe I have done everything right with yet they didn't appear. When I was finished writing I would hit "preview", read it over, make any corrections and then hit "post topic". I always do it this way. Why would posts or replies not post?
  2. At least 4 and maybe more of my post are listed as my 194th post, why is that? When will that number change? Barb50
  3. It sound to me like you could use a lot of support and caring. I hope you can find it here. Barb50
  4. Most of the time I have no problem getting the post in my inbox. I actually like it because it keeps me up to date on how others are doing or if anyone has posted anything if I only have a short time on my computer. The problem has only happened 2 or 3 times that a post that comes to my inbox has been very .When I've seen it posted on the site it has either been edited or had blackout of part of it. when I get it in my inbox there is no warning that it can be triggering. Is there a way for me to get it in my inbox after it has been editted if it needs it? Thank you. Barb50
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