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  1. Kathrina, I don't think there ever really is a right time to face everything in your life, but I think the effects of keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up can be very detrimental, not only emotionally and psychologically but also physically. Seeing a therapist is definitely a step in the right direction, and I hope you and your therapist "click" and establish a comfortable, trusting therapeutic relationship. However, try not to belittle your experiences or suffering in comparison to the experiences or suffering of others. I read somewhere else on the message board that this isn't
  2. Thanks everyone, for such a warm welcome! I'll be leaving very soon for a trip to North Carolina, but should be back by the end of next week. See you soon! :-) -August12
  3. Hi Indie, Glad to see you here- I've just joined AS for basically the same reasons. Welcome aboard! -August12
  4. Welcome back, takeachance! Having the right therapist is so important.
  5. I am so incredibly grateful that I found this site, and this forum, and you all. -August12
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