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  1. Hi Everyone

    Thank youuu :D feels like home already
  2. Hi Everyone

    lol yeah my 11 yr old calico Sherry (short for Shere Khan, tiger in the Jungle Book) is a little bit spaztastic... she's my baby though :D I've had her since I was 10 or so (best thing my father ever gave me *rolls eyes*). She's a sweetheart for me, but a lil wary around other people unless they're sitting still and she can approach them instead of them walking up to her. My kittens on the other hand... rambunctious wee furballs are fearless and god forbid you have any dangly bits on your clothes or they'll try to unravel you
  3. Hi Everyone

    Thanks all :D LOL my kitties don't run away... they know where the wet food comes from
  4. Hi Everyone

    Thanks!! :D
  5. Hi Everyone

    I'm a 20 yr old female survivor of extended childhood incest. I am working on my BS in psychology in Orlando. I am a proud crazy cat lady with two 6 mo. old kittens and my 11 yr old calico. I love to read fantasy/fiction books, listen to all kinds of music, and watch movies/shows. All things considered, life is going well I guess... I don't have a lot of the traditional effects of what I've been through like flashbacks. But even without all that, I'm struggling and despite my meds I find myself wallowing in negativity more and more lately. So I'm here to have an outlet that will hopefully keep me on track. Thanks! -Danielle.