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  1. Its been a little while since I've been here. Just wanted to say hello again
  2. Your story is familiar, I think a lot of folks deal as best they can until life keeps piling it on. Welcome and take care.
  3. greengirl


    Welcome and no worries about moving at your own pace.
  4. Welcome to AS. Thanks for the good questions, I learned something new about posting!
  5. Welcome to AS. You can set your own pace and explore. Everyone is supportive - no judgement, it's very refreshing.
  6. Welcome to AS. Very brave to come to the forum and a good place to start. I have a similar story, took me 14 years. Can't move on without addressing the past. Take safe care.
  7. Welcome to AS. I think you'll find everyone very supportive and many people that you can identify with.
  8. Welcome to AS. I'm glad this forum feels like a good match for you - I've found everyone to be very supportive.
  9. greengirl


    Welcome to AS. Members try and write headings that explain if posts will trigger, language, etc. Everyone understands that others are in different stages of healing/health. Take care and as much time as you need to make sure this is a good environment for you.
  10. Re Welcome. Hope to see you around.
  11. Awesome name!! Welcome and nice to meet you.
  12. Welcome back, I'm sorry you're going through a tough time right now.
  13. Welcome to AS You can open up as much or as little as you want. Just do what makes you feel comfortable.
  14. greengirl


    Welcome and best wishes with school.
  15. Welcome to AS - I find everyone on this site to be very supportive. I hope you find the experience helpful as well.
  16. Welcome to AS. I think you'll find this group very supportive.
  17. Welcome to AS. The forums remind me of school in the sense that I'm the student again that is afraid to ask a question but the teacher reminds me that whatever I ask there are three other people in the classroom with the same question. Sorry rambling, but there is always someone to identify with here. Take a look around.
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