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  1. Trying to change my life from being depressed to  being happy. It is a real struggle some days. Other days are good. I want to have more good days, i deserve it. I hope i can find the strength inside of me to do it. 

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    2. betrue2u


      i do? Why do you say that? why do you believe in me?

    3. betrue2u


      im sorry i first meant to say "Thank you" for your kind words, but i dont understand why you say i deserve happiness? i probably shouldnt question it. thank you again

    4. snmls


      We all deserve happiness.  I said it because I want you do be happy.  I struggle with happiness too and my anxiety and depression try to trick me into thinking I'm worthless.  I know how tough some days are, and wanted to remind you that you are strong enough to make it through. :)

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