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  1. Welcome to you...and I am glad you are here...It doesn't matter that it has been 7 days, or 7 weeks, 7 months, or 7 years, this is the place to talk about and recieve some help in healing along the way... If I could, I would like to suggest some ideas....to help in your confusion, as I have been there tooo....I have found doing therapy...most of the times there are "rape crisis centers' And even though you may not feel like it is serious enough...the counselors are there to help answer questions, educate, etc...Also, I found that hotlines where helpful so I could be anaonymous and ask question
  2. Welcome to AS, I can relate to NOT wanting to talk about or emotionally process abuse issues, and yet I have also found that the answer, for me at least was to do the very things I don't want to do...like talk, counseling, coming here and writing....and yet it has ALL helped me.... I hope you find the healing that you need and deserve....I/we are here for you, welcome
  3. welcome dopey! Hope you find peace, and a lot of healing here
  4. Oh Bless you Taco bell! LOLOLOL Ok Pure Rain, nice name change!!! And it is so great to talk with yoiu in chat!!!! Mary
  5. silenced


    Your friend is lucky to have someone like you in her life to listen and take it seriously is a great help to her, I am sure. Welcome, and I hope your friend joins us...I feel pretty safe here, being "anonymous", and not judged here. Hope you and your friend learn and grow and heal together...it's not always "easy" for friends to listen to the trauma, and I think you are so supportive. Peace to you
  6. welcome, I am relatively new too, only been in chat maybe 4 times appox. still wonderijng how it all works, but I like it so far welcome, and join us at your pace
  7. Welcome to PJ, so glad you are here, I will certainly respect and support you here,as I want the same.There are soooo many myths out there...."it's can't happen to a man.." Crazy stuff like that...acts of violence, intimidation and control could happen toanyone. I think when people react that way they feed their own denial as a protective self measure, because if they had to look truly in their hearts, it woud terrify and threaten their view of a safe world, and "not in my back yard...etc... I fully support all of us who found this safe beautifiul place to connect. Hope to chat online with you
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