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    Back again, facing my past with no fears.
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    Florida, US of A
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    reading, writing, playing my flute, scary movies and books, swimming, bowling, and gardening to name a few.
  1. Welcome. I'm new here myself but it's a great place. So welcome to the boards! **Midnight**
  2. Thanks guys. She's lucky to have you guys supporting her too. **Midnight**
  3. Hey guys. I'm the friend that Shadow has told you about from last week. I'll only be on at her house though because my computer doesn't work but I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. ShadowKitten has told me so much about how supportive you all have been for her and I'm grateful for that and I thank you for taking care of her. Anyways, that's me. TTFN, ta ta for now!! **Midnight**
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