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  1. I regret reporting it, If my daughter was to be raped in future I would advise her NOT to report it. It has destroyed me. xx
  2. Hi honey and welcome... Bxxx
  3. Last week I decided that I wanted to help someone/thing because I didnt want to become selfish and spend all my time feeling sorry for me, as that was where I was for the last few month, at the why me stage. I was watching something on youtube when a pop up about dog racing popped up, I watched it and was horrified. I decided that I would get involved in stopping this awful sport (and its a world away from my own 'case'.' I am now, this week expecting my first rescue case. At least something positive has come out of my rape....I can now help dogs that do not have the voice to stop it themselve
  4. I WILL be your downfall..... You Will remember me, I was the one who stopped you. And to the woman who let him away with this for 13 years and allowed him to do it to others.... You lying, manipulating, vindictive b*tch.
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