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  1. beeper

    Hi All

    nice to meet you, welcome Beeper
  2. welcome, look forward to chatting with you Beeper
  3. hi and best wishes. look forward to talking more. Beeper
  4. hi there, your right, no one should have to feel like this. welcome.
  5. hi there, you are not alone
  6. beeper


    Hi, welcome, its a daunting task, but we can heal with the support of these lovely people.
  7. i'm new to, and also a survivor of csa, like you i have no support and am reaching out. here if you need, look forward to this journey together.
  8. Hi all, i struggle through every day focusing on everyone everything except me. if i can push it away not think it didnt happen. Its not working though, and i am being eaten up from the inside. i am so tired angry sad disgusted at myself. i dont feel normal. This is not what i was supposed to be, how my life was to go. i want to connect to people who understand, who know. i think its time i heal, let others support me for a change. Now that i've bored you all, please feel free to reply. i am ready to start the journey, and look forward to your support.
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