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  1. "man id love to get raped by a group of women" what do i even say to that? he has no clue what hes saying. "well no offence but i know someone whos had it worse" what? does that f-ing matter!?! "youre a big guy if you didnt want it, you could of gotten away" you let me know if you can react when someone jumps you while youre sleeping
  2. i know they arent, but it feels like it. i dont have a problem with the posts that make that clear. but there are posts where they complain or "attack" men in general. it does make me ashamed of my gender. though i do understand it and if there is anyplace to complain about men this should be a place to do it. *shrug* whatever helps them over come the fear and or character flaw. lol mixed feelings i guess. dont want to feel hated but understand the need to talk about it in a general sense.
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