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  1. Hi SacredAvarice, Welcome to After Silence
  2. Hi beeper. Welcome to AS..
  3. Hi Freespirit23.. welcome to AS Cant be said enough.. youre definitely not alone.
  4. Hi treasurechest Welcome to AS..
  5. Hello Kori and welcome to AS.. hope to find what ure looking for.
  6. Hello MamaKaren.. Welcome to AS.. And thank you for joining us..
  7. Hello Cashmere.. Welcome to AS.. Hope you can find what youre looking for.. youre certainly gonna find alot of support.
  8. w2e

    Hi All..

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.. good to be here
  9. w2e


    Hi Yelena, welcome to AS
  10. w2e

    Hi All..

    Hello everyone.. I'm a newbie here and I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm looking forward to share your stories as well as sharing mine. I never actually spoke with anyone who had this kind of experience, so its good to talk with someone who knows what youre talking about. well.. thats all for now.. see you around.
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