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  1. Welcome to AS. Hope you find what your looking for here (i'm sure you will!!) hopeneeded
  2. Welcome to AS hunny, Hope you can get from this froum what you need. you will meet a great bunch of people here. sorry to here about our last site hopeneeded
  3. woops forgot. happy birthday!! I only recently turned 22, it's not that bad he he he hopeneeded
  4. Welcome to As hun, hope you like it here. as you can already tell everyone is great and very supportive hopeneeded
  5. hopeneeded

    Hey Yall

    Welcome to AS hun. Perfect place to go if you need a whinge or you are feeling down on yourself. and i'm almost positive no one will kick you for it, more likely they will support you hopeneeded
  6. Welcome to AS. hope you find some of your strenth in using this site. Hopeneeded
  7. hopeneeded


    Sorry for what has happened to you, i hope you find the support you need here at this site Welcome to AS Hopeneeded
  8. Well done for making such a brave move as using your real name. Congrats on your strength Hopeneeded
  9. hopeneeded


    Welcome to SA Hopeneeded
  10. xbreezyXnight, you will definetely find others that have been through what you have, or though everyones story is slightly different. as far as me, so far the ages are exactly the same - me just 14 and he 17 welcome to AS hope you find what your looking for hopeneeded
  11. Welcome to AS. hope you like it here hopeneeded
  12. welcome to AS, Hope you find what you need here! this is a good site to find, i'm glad you did, the people here are very supportive hopeneeded
  13. Welcome to AS Rob, I have met a few males on this site, mainly in the chat. I guess maybe their nervous like you that no others in here, so they don't post a lot. A few males post in the realtionships and sexuality forum. I think the more males the better, hopefully then it will make all male or female feel comfortable to post. I'm sorry to here that you need to use a site like this, but i am sure you will be welcomed just like everyone else Hopeneeded
  14. welcome silverbird, I'm glad you found this site. i' fairly new and i can tell you, you will be excepted with open arms. their is so much support here. it is such a good site, don't know what i would have done without it hopeneeded
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