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  1. Read you are a Jehovah's Witness. I am too. I was baptised in October 2009. Sure nice to see Jehovah's name vindicated.  Never let go of him. He is everything to me. There is absolutly nothing Satan can do to us that Jehovah cannot undue. :)

  2. This is why I asked for permission before taking any action. Basically was asking if it was aloud and where appropriate to post it. I havnt posted the link anywhere. Not yet anyways. Not till I have permission to do so because I respect the board rules.
  3. Most recent http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=99085#entry968684 Sorry I didnt know staff was backed up. Had I known that I wouldnt have asked so much. I thought that staff just didnt have any interest in my request. I just kept asking one after another until someone was interested. I had no idea you guys were backed up with requests. Sorry. Since your so backed up right now, I will hold off asking anymore and wait patiently. Hope you can forgive me. Wasnt trying to be an asshole.
  4. For weeks now I been trying to contact staff by pm. Must have tried at least 7 different staff but cant seem to get an answer from any of them. I already posted this in the Welcome forum a few days ago not knowing where to post this but now that I think about it, This might be more appropriate here. Please I would very much like to know if it be appropriate if I posted the link to another sexual abuse survivor site? I have some friends that run another survivor site and really need CSA incest and other sexual assult survivors there. My friends from this other survivor site want me to advertize
  5. I have a bad eye condition. I need to have a darker skin for this board if im gona be more active here. I dont do so well with black letters on white background. Not with my scatopic sensetivity syndrome. When staff installs a darker skin for the board can someone please send me a PM letting me know its ready and how to activate it for my own membership account? Thanks.
  6. I think I can relate to anyones pain as I have been through a hell of a lot as a kid. So look me up and chat with me. I think real therapy starts with one survivor to another sharing there feelings. Most therapist doesn't really know what it's like to truly be sexually violated as a kid. So how could anyone really share there feelings with one. Can't wait to hear from you. Jonathan
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