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  1. Thank you to all... I hope to share and heal with you all during my tim ehere
  2. Thank you so much Feona, I really appreciate someone just saying they're willing to listen
  3. Thanks Very much, I have been reading other posts on the forum and I think that I'll really be able to learn from all these amazing and strong people
  4. My Name is Cashmere and I have been living with a wieghted ball around my neck for three years. I didn't want counselling, I didn't want to share, I just wanted to forget it ever happened, but I've been doing this alone for too long and I have now taken my first step in the healing process. I 21 years old and I've had relationship, sexual and emotional turmoil in my life since the fateful event. I've done a very good job of forgetting but when I remember, it hurts almost too much to bear. No woman should ever have to physically block out memories like so many have had to do in order to stay
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