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    I love to sing ^^ I like reading, and can do either for hours...

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  1. Hi Christina ^^ Met you in the chat area, hope you're well honey xx
  2. well.. theyre waiting on me at the moment~ I haven't decided what to do or even really, how to do it.... They suggested i do everything from home, but that it might make it difficult if i came up against problems which could affect my overall degree grade~ If i don't start back in september, I have to do the first year all over again
  3. it was ^^ not too expensive either i guess... i really hope i go back.. i miss it a lot~
  4. I stayed at home, and travelled there for lectures ^^
  5. I loved spss last year ^^ I'm a bit of a math geek, so I ended up helping my friends work out all of the maths side ^^ Last year's notes are looking a bit well-worn after the amount of times i've re-read them though ^^ I just hope i can do my second year.... waiting to hear off my tutor about that one~
  6. Thank you for the replies ^^ I had a bit of a bad day yesterday so... my first post didnt really say much about me I must admit. I'm from a small town called Walsall, near Birmingham in England. I'm a second-year student studying for a degree in Psychology... I hope to specialize in clinical psychology someday. My reason for being here is a small hope, that maybe I could tell someone everything I've been through... As of yet, my brain refuses to agree with my hands, so even though I've tried to type it out a few times, I end up deleting what I've written. I'll still hope ^^ Sam x
  7. Hi, I'm Samantha, I'm 20... I joined this site a couple of weeks ago... as of yet I haven't posted anything... I'm hoping sometime real soon I'll be able to, but I think for now an introduction is as good as any ^^ Umm... I think everyone who posted deserves a hug just for being able to talk on here, I'm glad to have taken the time to register here ^^ Can't really think of anything else I want to say here~ Feel free to reply or pm me if you like, I like to think I'm still kinda sociable regardless so... yeah thats my introduction, maybe talk to you really soon ~Sam x~
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