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  1. Welcome to AS - I am fairly new myself. This is a great site and very supportive. Look forward to getting to know you. Sanguine
  2. Hiya and welcome to AA. I'm new here a well and already I feel very welcome and supported. Look forward to getting to know you. Sanguine
  3. Hiya, welcome to AS. I joined very recently and I feel people here really do understand and are very supportive. Look foward to getting to know you. Dawn
  4. Hi and welcome to AS. I joined yesterday and so far people have been really supportive and made me feel very welcome. Hope to see you around the boards. Sanguine
  5. Hiya and welcome to AS - I only joined today and still finding my way around. Hope to see you around the boards. Sanguine
  6. sanguine


    Just wanted to say hi as I am new to this. Finding it very difficult at the moment as I have been part of another forum but have found that as I was new nobody really wanted to get to know me and listen and I found myself feeling 100 times worse. So, this is a huge step for me as I don't want to feel unwanted and I'm so lonely right now and finding it really difficult to cope. Just to to feel there are people that do care and there is support Sorry for the ramblings.
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