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    weight training. cats. reading. my kids. music festivals. motorbikes. Bike festivals. anything gothic. angels.

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  1. hi punkymoo. welcome to AS. i,m relatively new and have found it such a great source of advice and comfort. hope to hear more from you as you settle. take care sarbear
  2. hi miz! enjoyed speaking to you last nite. Welcome, you have all the support you need here. take care Sarbear x
  3. welcome to AS I too am new, have only been here a few days, and wondered if joining this group was the right thing to do. But, i can say that is is possibly the best thing i have done and now believe that healing is possible. You have done the best thing ever! And once again would like to welcome you.
  4. sarbear1


    Welcome Bloem I hope you find everything you are looking for.
  5. sarbear1


    Hi shaza. I,m new here also. I want you to know you are not alone. You will get through this. I,m sending you a hug if thats ok? Sarah
  6. Hello. My name is sarah. I feel very alone at this minute and need to reach out for people who understand. I have found this site and will welcome new friends. God it sounds so lame...alone! I,m hurting beyond anything i thought possible. I want it to go away.
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