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  1. welcome to AS Amy.hope you will soon feel at home here.Buttons
  2. Welcome to AS Brianne,i am sorry that you need to be here,but well done for connecting with us here,and take your time to tell your story when you feel ready to do so.This is a friendly place to be,I am new myself and still get lost around the boards.!! Thinking of you Button Julie
  3. Hi Rob,I am sorry that you were abused by a woman,however I hope that you will come and find healing here in this place.I am pretty new myself here but one thing I have learnt in my life is that there are some lovely men out there !!!!! and I hope you will come to heal and realise that not all women are bad,I was abused by both men and women including my own mum and dad,so I know its hard sometimes to trust again.But this is a friendly place,and I hope you will soon feel at home here,safe hugs if ok Button Julie
  4. Hi There,welcome to AS,I am so sorry that you need to be here,but I hope you will gain much strength and courage being here,its a friendly place,and I hope that soon you will be crying less.thinking of you,Button
  5. Sassy,welcome to AS,this is a wonderful supportive place to be.I am sorry that you need to be here,but here people will listen to you,and help as much as they can.thinking of you.Button
  6. Hi Lauren,welcome to AS,and hope you will soon feel at home here with us.I am the same,and I think many people here are as well,I can relate to you,not having many friends I dont either,and I find it very hard to make permanent friends.I wish you well here,and good luck with your studies in Pyschology,I am studying Counselling and Psychotherapy so we have to do psychology as well.!!!!!!! Hugs Button
  7. Welcome to AS hope you will soon feel at home here with us.hugs from Button
  8. welcome to As, sweetie,hope you will soon feel at home here,its a good place to be.I have only been here for a week so if you want you can leave a post and I will try to reply.thinking of you.Hugs Button
  9. Hice to broken dancer welcome to AS,hope you will feel less alone now,this is a beautiful caring place to be,and please post me when you get lonely cos You are among friends here.Button
  10. welcome to AS,I hope you will be at home here very soon,this is a beautiful place to be.Button
  11. Hi Julie,welcome to AS,I hope you will feel at home here soon,I am sorry you have to be here.This is a very helpful friendly place and I hope you will soon find people to talk to. Glad you like the Beatles,so do I.!!! Button
  12. Hello There,I am very sorry for what has happened to you.Here in this place you will find people who will listen to you,and understand a little bit of what you have been through. It is ok to feel what ever emotions you feel,they will be unique to you,and there is not just one feeling or way of looking at this.Perhaps you may feel differing emotions and that is ok too. Please take your time to have a look around and there is no need to feel you have to post here.!! we will be here for when you are ready.Its a very good friendly place to be. Thinking of you Button.
  13. Hi Weeping Willow welcome to AS,its a lovely place to be and people are very helpful and friendly.Hope you will feel at home soon Button
  14. Thank you for your very kind mesage wishing you well Button .
  15. Hi livelifethewayyouwant2 welcome to AS.I hope that you will soon feel at home here amongst us.I know sharing what you did took courage and is a very brave thing to do.I am sure here you will be able to read other peoples posts and that I hope it will help you in your healing. Please take your time here,you can just read the forums and posts dont feel you have to post until you are ready or want to Button
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