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  1. from my best friend when i eventually told her about what my instructor did to me: OOoh, give me details! like it was freaking gossip or something! from most people i have told: were you r*ped?" "No" "well, thank goodness for that. that's okay then" like what happened was all fine. sure, it was only a year and a half or torturous hell destroying my life but AT LEAST he didn't r*pe me right? and from my mum, who has actually been really great, but just a couple of comments really hit hard: "Well, you were playing with fire wearing makeup like that" -for the record, i never wore anything but a light foundation and some lipgloss so i wouldn't bite my lips raw! (nervous habit, i would bite my lips and they'd get all sore, so bad tasting lip gloss was a good deterrent) (when i was talking to her about the r*pe comment) you've said this before and i think you should be careful. since you weren't r*ped, you don't know what it's like. if you did you might consider yoursefl lucky. cheers, that makes me feel so much better. safe supportive hugs to everyone out there, wish we didn't have to put up with these types of invalidating comments!!
  2. hi there, i just joined the site recently and thought i'd introduce myself. my name is meredith, i'm 18 years old and i'm a first year student studying primary school teaching majoring in english at the university of canterbury in christchurch new zealand. last week i told some of my friends what had happened to me over a year ago for the first time, and i'm just now feeling in a place where i believe i can start to move on!
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