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    Our Wisdom can not be lost .. Our Spirit can not be broken

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    I love my husband & daughters, best friend in Rhode Island<br />and my two dogs. The journey to healing has been a difficult one and at times felt insurmountable. I continue to seek my healing path, trusting and following my heart, where ever it takes me. I am very hopeful.<br /><br />thisjourney

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  1. Hi Freespirit23, You're definitely not alone. I too was a victim of incest and molestation for many years as a child. Welcome to this healing place and I want to congratulate you for your willingness and courage to look at the pain of your past in order to change your future. Warmly, thisjourney
  2. Hi littlebit, Congradulations for taking the first steps toward healing! Your journey begins ...... Welcome to this place !! Gently, thisjourney
  3. My mother said " What would you like me to do about it now? " My brother said " Why don't you just print it in the newspaper?" ( sarcastic remark abuser said to me - then my brother said it too. Gee .. I wonder where that came from?)
  4. Thank-you Everyone for Your Kind Replies!!
  5. Hello to all AS members, This has been a long road for me. Part of me is amazed that I've come this far in my healing and another part longs for some kind final resolution. I am 53 yrs old and was molested by my mother's second husband for 10 yrs., beginning at age 8. My abuser made sure I was frightened of my mother and what her response might be if I told her what he had done at the time of the first incident. So, as the incidents accumulated, I thought my silence reinforced my "guilt", making me appear as a partisipant instead of his innocent victim. This continued until I would rath
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