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  1. Well,hun,youre not alone wellcome
  2. hello greengirl You remind me of one lovely song............... wellcome
  3. Its normal to feel the way you do after years of pushing it all back.To set yourself free,you have to go trough the pain,but it will not last forewer Here s a safe place for you to share,if and when youre ready,you can tell us what happend Much love
  4. its good that you want to talk,and this is wonderful place.feel free to share hugs
  5. youre not alone,people here care,and share(and it it even rhymes wellcome
  6. I dont know where you live,but there are hotlines available,and i suggest you find help with pople specialised in this.Im outraged to read about how theyre comming back and how youre not protected.(and other girls too).Needless to say,im sorry for what you have been trough. Im sending you much love
  7. Tonight i have been searching for a place where i could talk,i dont know...i have been trough therapy,ive been feeling realy good for realy long time,but,last few nights...i dont know So i found this place and i hope i can come here if im upset again.I dont know what i want.sorry. hugs
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