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  1. Hi Charli! Welcome to AS! This is a great place to start your journey toward healing. The support and insight from other members can make a HUGE difference. You don't have to go through this alone anymore. I've been around awhile, and have seen so many close friendships develop. In fact, I met one of my very closest friends here. Take your time looking around, and post whenever you want or feel able. YOU are in control of your words - you get to decide exactly what you need or want to say, and when you say it, who you say it to... AS is all about regaining a sense of control and sa
  2. Hi @noctambulist. Welcome to After Silence (AS). When you are here, YOU get to decide what, when, how, where, and why you share things. Take it at your own pace. Look around, read, post where you want to. I can attest to the supportive, accepting nature of this community. You have taken the hugely brave first step of posting your first post. I look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you.
  3. @pahatfi, I am so sorry you were hurt. You didn't deserve that - nobody does. And as you are probably well aware, it can have life-long implications and effects. I'm also so sorry about your husband. 42 years is impressive - I'm just starting my 13th year. I can't imagine life without him. We're here for you. This is a strong community with open arms and big hearts. We all understand what it is to be violated. And many, many of us have our own experience with intensely personal grief following the death of someone very close to us. None of us have lived your exact life, obviously, bu
  4. @powerlesstoy, welcome to AS. I'm so sorry you endured what you did. I understand the isolation. This site is a good community - we're all different but there's this common thread between us. People here are accepting and non-judgmental. The moderating team is involved - and we are all survivors ourselves. We're all trying to heal, and we're all at different stages. I hope you're able to find the sense of community and support that so many of us have found here.
  5. Hi @Sapphira. Welcome to After Silence. I am so sorry that you've been through sexual assault. Nobody deserves that kind of pain and trauma. I think you'll find AS to be a place of healing and support and community.
  6. Welcome to After Silence. I am so sorry you have a reason to be here, but I am glad that you found us. I think you will find the lack of judgment refreshing and the encouragement and support will give you strength.
  7. @Scared1, It's great to have you back. I remember you well. You've always been so supportive of others, and you were so open about your own struggles. A really valuable member. I've missed seeing you around. I look forward to seeing more of you!
  8. Hi @chant2012. It's good to see you. I've often wondered how you're doing. There are lots of new faces here, but also some old-hats like myself. I think the big crash scared a lot of us. I know I was really reluctant for quite a while to post things, but I've gotten past that now. The support is just too valuable to pass up. And I love helping out around here, too. Be safe my friend.
  9. At this time, there is no specific moderator assigned to this section. But that does not mean we are not around to help you. If you have questions or concerns, you can feel free to comment here, post in the Help Desk section, or send a PM to one of the board moderators. Board moderators' names can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the purple "Moderator" link. Thank you for being part of After Silence.
  10. Hi Darren. Welcome to AS. I hope you find as much support and healing here as I have found for myself. To be supported and understood is truly beautiful. Take your time getting to know us. There's no pressure to share anything you're not ready to share. I'm sorry you have a reason to be here, but I'm glad you found us.
  11. Welcome to After silence. I am so sorry you were hurt. The Share Your Story thread reared that you have 10 posts.
  12. Welcome! I am a cat lover too. I've got five. Furbis, Calliah, Bayleigh, Isobel, and Tabibito. They are work but I can't imagine life without them.
  13. Welcome. You 2ill find this a helpful place filled with support, understanding, and encouragemeng. Hope to get to know you more in the future
  14. Jus, welcome to After Silence. I am a section moderator for the Share Your Story section. Once you have ten posts of any kind you can access that forum. It is a safe place to share whatever you want to. I've been here at after silence for many years and can hoestlu say it'really helped me. Good luck and if you need help feel free to contact my via PM or any of the other modrrayptd. Welcome aboard.
  15. Buey, I myself have been through some extreme tr@uma on once in all the years I have Baan here has someone expresses discomfort in reading the parts of my story I've chosen to share. Welcome to as!
  16. Donna, welcome to After Silence. This is a safe, understanding, and supportive place. A lot of healing happens here, not just by being heard but also by doing the hearing. Take your time and don't feel pressured to post or say anything in particular. This is now your safe place, where you share as much or as little as you want. Welcome. If you have any questions, especially about the Share your story section (which I moderate) feel free to send me a private message.
  17. Hi Ashley. Welcome to After Silence. The support and healing I have found on this site has changed my life. I hope you find it as helpful as I do. You are very brave to be reaching out. I wish I would have had that kind of courage when I was engaged. Instead, I kept it a secret for the first seven years of our marriage, and it drove a wedge between us. I have since opened up to my husband, and found an excellent therapist who is well able to help me overcome some pretty horrible things. My marriage improved as I started to heal. My husband has stood by me through some very challenging
  18. Tom, Welcome to After Silence. You are very brave to be sharing your story with your family. That is such a huge and scary step. I have been here at AS for years. It has helped me so much, both to be heard and to be hearing. I hope you find it to be as helpful as I have. What happened to you was not your fault. It was horrible, and it is entirely their fault. You deserve to be heard and supported, and AS can do that for you. Again, welcome. Jenn
  19. Welcome to After Silence, Ellen. I am so sorry for what happened to you. I've been here for years. It has been a big part of my recovery. Both to be heard and also do the hearing. I hope you find AS to be a helpful as I have.
  20. Welcome to After Silence. I call my childhood and the horrible things that happened then "It" too. Even in therapy. I can't think of a better name. I hope you find AS to be as helpful and supportive as I have over the years. It's made a huge difference in my life.
  21. Welcome to After Silence. It can be triggering here, but I've found that the support and encouragement FAR outweigh the triggers. People are pretty good about posting trigger warnings, and you'll quickly learn what sections are more likely to trigger you. I hope being here helps you as much as it's helped me.
  22. Welcome to AS, Kaikins. You are a survivor, and you can do more than just survive - you can thrive! This is a great community, one which I think you'll find very supportive and understanding.
  23. It was absolutely not your fault. You were an innocent child. He was a monster. I am sorry you have a reason to be here, but I am glad you found us.
  24. Welcome Kasha. I don't have memory issues or dyslexia, but there are STILL times when I can't type. You are absolutely welcome and allowed to be here. I think you'll find us a pretty accepting group.
  25. kyukidojen


    Welcome to AS. I hope you find this to be a healing place... I know I have. Also, you can request a name change if you don't want to go with the generic "Z90." The link to the name change thread is here.
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