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    Midwest, USA
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    Martial arts, photography, writing, art, wildlife rehabilitation

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  1. It's been a long long time but signed in to take a peek it's amazing how much has changed!  Hope life is treating you kindly 

    take gentle care 


    1. kyukidojen


      Hey Kez!  Great to see you!  A lot has changed here, but some things are still exactly the same.  Miss you.  Life is treating me well.  I hope it is for you, too.

      Be safe!


    2. Kez


      I will be back it was good to see a familiar face 

      I will pop back in again read some posts so glad life is treating you well



    3. kyukidojen


      Yay!  It will be great to have you back.  I still think about many of the people who were here years ago, when I first joined up.  People who helped me through a terribly dark time.  I'll never forget.

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