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    Martial arts, photography, writing, art, wildlife rehabilitation

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  1. It's been a long long time but signed in to take a peek it's amazing how much has changed!  Hope life is treating you kindly 

    take gentle care 


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    2. Kez


      The same here you have often crossed my mind when I was away from AS. I to am forever grateful to have found the site and for those who were here when I needed them and never let me down. You were and are one of the special ones from that time. 

    3. kyukidojen


      Aw, thank you Kez.  You are definitely one of the special ones for me, too.  We saw eachother through a lot.  I know I can never repay those who helped me.  All I can do is try to pay it forward by offering my help where ever I can.


    4. Kez


      I feel the same. This site and its people kept me alive and not so scared and alone. Life has taken some crazy twists but now that I've signed back in I hope maybe I can offer help and support and maybe some humor like the old days but a bit stronger in this area of my life. 


      I will I'll be back soon for now this girl is curling up clicking on an audiobook and ready for friends tomorrow unless we get buried with snow overnight. When I get used to the site I will find the PM's and catch up a little bit with you, are their many of the old gang still hanging around? 

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