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  1. Hi Jen.  I am not well.  Today I ran into a person from the past and the smile I got from them was the same smile that was there when I got hurt a lot.  I am ashamed and hate me so bad right now.   Sorry if this isn't supposed to be on here I don't know what to do.  I did call a hotline this afternoon.  I didn't even know that this person lived this close to me (1 hr away).  Or maybe they don't live there I don't know.  I feel sick

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    2. splitperson3


      Thanks Jen.  I see my therapist tomorrow.  

    3. kyukidojen


      I'll be pocket riding with you tomorrow.  I hope your therapist is able to help you feel safe.  I know what it's like to suddenly find yourself close to someone *evil* from the past.  When it's happened to me, I haven't done very well. Even people who are totally innocent, but for some reason remind me of those who are NOT innocent, are enough to throw me for a major loop.  It's not fair, at all. 

    4. splitperson3
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