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  1. Vera, Lindy, Kelly, & Donna, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for everything, You are remarkable women who continue to Survive, even when faced with adversity. Your courage and willingness to reach out to other women is inspiring. Your strength and beauty are admirable, others look up to you as a source of energy to continue in their journey as well. Thank You for who you are.
  2. heathbar

    New To A.s

    welcome, this site has helped me immensly
  3. I am usually not nice to myself, I am pretty hard on myself. I have an Inner child I know she is there, she's about 6. I just don't want to reconize, or acknowledge her. Maybe I am not at that point yet. For some reason I can't get in touch with her. But I have found this thread to be intresting. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post, if I did sorry.
  4. Idon't think I buy into the inner child, but I can understand how one does. I think as a kid I was constantly trying to please people I didn't like confrontation, I think she was weak and vunerable afraid to speak up. As an adult she now hides behind it, pathetic isn't it.
  5. Justus, I'm glad to see you guys back
  6. Welcome ( good name by the way lol )
  7. I have posted in here enuff but right now I am having a really hard time and as stated before I don't fully understand all this but if I could say one thing to my inner child I think it would be I hate you right now, and I am pissed at you, and I wish you would leave me the hell alone, stop making me cry.
  8. This inner child thread is really making me anxious, but i keep getting drawn to it. I keep reading the new post, is the inner child the one that is feeling the emotions and pain I am not sure who she is? If she is the one thing that keeps welling up in me to let out, the emotions and pain and fear, I want her to go away and leave me alone, maybe she is the one causeing all of this crap to resurface. I was fine sucking it up and getting through life. Why should I let her out I am an adult now not a child. I bet my Therapist would have a field day with this one, she already accused me once of b
  9. I am with you on this Karen scary scary, sometimes I hate my inner child, I think she is wimpy and a whiner. That is probably harsh I would like to make my inner child go away. I wish I could be more sensitive, to it's needs.
  10. I will try to keep an open mind, that was what my T was reffering to was during my CSA incident
  11. Dawn, I have not even really thought of my inner child, I have always looked at that as psycho babble. But your letter I found to be intense and emotional. It has my inner child stirring but I keep telling her to be-quiet.
  12. Kristy, Welcome, I was a Mary Kay consultant for awhile it is a good supportive organiztion for women. So is AS
  13. Ruthie, I think this is a good thread, but I don't understand the inner child thing. My T once told me to comfort the little girl inside me, I thought she was crazy. I just don't understand, if rainbowstar saw this she would not be happy with me. I honestly am not trying to offend anyone I really don't know how to get in touch with my inner child. It seems like alot of people talk about it. Could someone shed some light for me?
  14. Just take your time getting into all of the threads, they can be overwhelming, but they can also be comforting esp. chat room Heather
  15. i'm not sure if it has a meaning for me yet, i could define it logically but personally i'm not sure. Although I have just started it is still hard for me to realize that this actually happened. A few ppl other than my therapist knows so I guess that is a start, but I do like this website there have been times it has helped
  16. are there chat rooms i have gone in and know one is there
  17. [font =Times] I am new to this room it has been 30 yrs since my ordeal, and the flashbacks are coming in like storm. I am in therapy the memories are so repressed that I really can't talk about it. My therapist told me to write about it, but i can't even do that. I have had this sudden wave of anger that has into rage so they put me on anti-depressants till I work through it. The talking therapy isn't really working so my counselor wants to try EMDR has anyone had that treatment? I'm scared of how i might react. But I've got to get this out. In 30yrs I've never talked about the sexual abuse.
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