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  1. yea yea yea, I figured after it was gone it didn't even occur to me at the time. Since I am a big rule reader I missed that one LOL
  2. Ok I am back as well, I haven't been around hardly at all. I have been really busy and alot of things going on with the marriage saga. So I am going to try to start posting more again
  3. SL, My dutch friend how are you? good to see you back ok I am gonna go post that I am back to
  4. I couldn't forget you welcome back
  5. WELCOME to AS Since I haven't been around as much this is for all the new people I haven't welcomed
  6. I have to be honest here it would depend on the mood I am in, seriously though I could have a tendency to be 1 and 3
  7. welcome, hope to see you around more
  8. I agree with Vera, serious legal implications could arise. I wouldn't want to be the one hauled into court.
  9. I haven't been posting much these last two weeks, because I have alot going on in my marriage. I just wanted to welcome all the new Survivors here to AS, since I haven't been doing a good job of it lately. So here is my welcome to you......................... WELCOME
  10. what they said oh I like your new avatar hang in there
  11. I have voiced a few times about my disliking my inner child I named her winnie the whiner. She lets people use her and treat her unkind, so i have to tell her to be quiet, I have to stand up for her. Every time I have allowed her to emerge, we get hurt, she is too damn vunerable and weak. Part of me hates her
  12. As stated before I don't really have an inner child, every time she tries to emerge she gets hurt therefore I refuse to let her out. There is so much pain and hurt she can't breathe, therefore needing my protection. So I will protect her because that is my job as an adult she wasn't protected before and now she is.
  13. I find AS to be rather supportive and encouraging so welcome Heather
  14. for those of you that don't know I named my inner child {Rain is proud} her name is winnie the whiner: this is what I want to say to her , I am going through a really hard time AS is my support system cuz my hubby sure the hell isn't. So I come here day after day after day, part of me wants to stop coming, part me doesn't because there are people on her I actually care about. Then winnie decides to pop her weak little soul into my life, opening up, trusting Beth my T, trying to help me see the good side of my marriage, yea things were better when you were gone I was protected, I was guard
  15. I am having a hard time right now but I wanted to welcome u
  16. jenna welcome I love your avatar you should check out the favorite celeb crush post
  17. After I posted this I thought, maybe I should have posted this this to all members. Orginally I posted to the four of you because mainly you run the board. However after thinking about it and finally getting a chance after my children are in bed, I'm going to edit this to include everyone here because it really does reflect who all of you are. So in light of that I extend my thank you to everyone, you have been there for me when I needed you, even if you weren't having the best day yourself, as Donna said pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it.
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