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  1. I am Robert, If you ladies would like you may call me Robby.

    I am a survivor of Same Sex Sexual Abuse. Form 1964 to 1970.

    I was abused in a nearby lake in the Summers and in an old Cememnt Out house at school

    I was also physically abused. I am retired after years working at SEARS. I am on disability

    because of Many Health issues, which is why I was asked to leave SEARS.

    I live with my Parents because they are in very bad health. I have never been maried, so I am the one who does the right thing. I have a brother 2ys younger a sister in law same age as My Brother, they have 2 sons. I have a 5ys younger sister, not married, and a babby sister 8 ys younger and her husband and a daughter and a son. They all have busy lives, I am retired.

    I was saved at 32 in 1986. Attend church reguarly, except when I am ill. I work with the older people at church playing games and visiting calling them.

    Just wanted to tell a bit about myself.

    Besides PWIM are there other male survivor members?


  2. I am a man and I am very new today. I am having trouble getting some thing posted. I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a teen. I am looking for support of a christian nature. I am saved and are having a problem dealing with God and what happened to me.


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