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  1. flicka

    Back Again

    thanks everyone I posted this and had a busy couple of weeks so I didn't get back on til tonight (when I should be sleeping since I have to be at work in 6 hours) lol the hubby-to-be had asked a few days ago if one day I could tell him what happened that night.. I told him maybe one day and then decided to just dig through and copy the story I had shared on here and emailed it to him.. told him if he wanted could discuss after he reads but at this point I could not/do not wish to dig through and bring up all the old memories about it but would try to any any questions/comments he has about it.. I understand why he wants to know.. he is trying *not* to trigger me and he hasn't triggered me during physical contact but has through comments a few times..
  2. I joined a couple years ago.. then kind of disappeared after a few months.. Back again.. trying to deal with the fact that I am engaged (he's amazing!).. yet the issues I have due to the SA by my former fiancée are now popping back up.. still looking for the ways to cope and trust him 100% (I DO trust him.. but I still have my doubts and the occasional panic attack ) soooo uhhhhh hi again everyone!
  3. go to.. my controls options / manage ignored users add their name / update ignored users if okay
  4. flicka


    thank you everyone
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