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  1. I'm glad you found As and i hope that you find it as helpful as i have
  2. Welcome to As and I wish you the best of luck in your healing journey
  3. Well done,it takes alot of courage to break the silence
  4. Welcome to AS,hope you got sorted with a password but I do think that sometimes they put restrictions on passwords,it's like how you can't get into chat until you have made so many posts.-not sure though Hope you find the support you need here
  5. Welcome to AS and you've come to a great place for cyber hugs :hug: :hug:
  6. Welcome to AS,it's never too late to seek support Hope you find AS helpful
  7. I can empathise completely with what you're going through,for me too sleep used to be nightmare. I feared,loathed and craved it. When your not getting enough it's hard to think straight and for me too suicidal thoughts came. I didn't want to take sleeping pills out of fear of being trapped in the nightmares etc. Anyway I'm the other side of that now,I learned how to take control of my dreams,I found I could change the outcomes or simply just wake myself up(i still get the odd pretty bad one where it leaves me shaken),in comparison to how I was before,things are alot better. So my message is to
  8. Welcome back (yeah I like that swearmiastro too I also really like this guy- ) Sounds like you have been going through a really tough time and I hope things get better soon as it sounds like you really love your husband and daughter
  9. Hey Seekingfaith, I'm afraid Chat is broken and I can't help you with the password for the female forums. I'm hoping maybe one of the cat mods may be able to help with the password for the female forum but I'm not sure that they have that power. Hope you find the forum supportive other than those issues
  10. I see that the newest member joined here in march. I was just wondering is it still possible for people to join?
  11. It understandble that they don't come on here anymore,when you've reached a stage of healing it's just not healthy to be visiting here all the time but this place is bigger than any one person now,it gives so much support to so many people and in many ways is a lifeline,I know it has been for me in my times of need. I don't blame anyone but I do hope that for the sake of AS which I love so dearly that someone does make contact soon
  12. i'm really curious about that too,has anyone got anyway of contacting them? It feels sad to see the decline of this place.
  13. Welcome to AS,hope you find this site as useful as I do
  14. Hope you had a great holiday season hope you find this place useful
  15. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  16. I've read a post today and underneath the author it says inactive member. What does that mean exactly? Have they left and asked a mod to cancel there account? Or have they not been on for a month or so and there account is automatically cancelled? Or does it mean something else entirely?
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