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  1. Hi Sparrkle' I am an aussie, welcome to the site
  2. Hey there Tamara! Firstly welcome to AS! I am reasonably new here, and happy to talk , if ever you would like to.... just email or PM me anytime and I will say hello back as soon as I am able to
  3. hey Shido Welcome to AS, we are all here to help and support you - if you do get a ride outta there, be sure to sneak me in your belongings heee heee welcome to AS once again willow
  4. Hi Ash Welcome to AS from another aussie member Ash Hope to see you around the boards Willow75
  5. Hi Alan! (((Alan))) If that's okay and sorry to hear about what you've been through. Just thought I would say hello, I am a fellow Aussie also and here if you want to say hello to me also. I'm Angelique. That's about it for now and I hope this site helps. willow75
  6. Hi everyone.... I am Angelique..though I end up being called Ang most of the time, and I am not a fan of the other shortenings like 'Angela', 'Angie', etc. No offence to anyone who happens to own these names! And apologies in advance to those I may have upset 33 and single and a survivor of different forms of child abuse. I have been a sufferer on and off of different forms of abuse, but have always ended up convincing myself that I am just being stupid and need to tough it up some! So I never do anything or say anything. When I was younger, I didn't open up for fear of worse to come. Now,
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