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  1. Welcome to AS. There are alot of students here, and a lot of support as well. We are all here to help each other out. shelly
  2. Yeah MOM has joined us!!!! WELCOME TO AFTER SILENCE! As snowy said above, I hope you feel as welcome here as we have! shelly
  3. Had a friend come to visit that I haven't seen in quite a while and she is going to visit.... Cleaned my house! Well, as much as I could until my back screamed at me. (I know most don't think of this as a 'do for me' topic but I do, I can't stand a dirty house!!!!) shelly
  4. I am sure you will see me around....I am not the most active member, but I'm not dormant either , LOL shelly
  5. Little Sapphire, Welcome to After Silence and I hope you find this forum and all of its members as inviting and as much of a family as I have. Again, welcome to the forum. shelly
  6. I am going to pick up the rest of our wedding favors from the shop today....They were special ordered and I got them really cheap and they are so cute. When I get my camera I will take a pic and post it! shelly
  7. Attended the NY Giants training camp and didn't let seeing my step-brother this morning destroy the day!! shelly
  8. Hi Emma, Welcome to After Silence....you sure have been through a lot, as have a lot of us here. I hope you find this place warm and inviting as I did/do. Please feel free to post all your cares and concerns whenever you want to whether they are to celebrate or just to vent, we are all here to support one another and help each other out. Again welcome. shelly
  9. ((((((April))))))) Welcome to AS. I hope that you find this place as welcome and enjoyable and safe as I have since I have been here. Please feel free to post whenever you feel like it - to celebrate, to vent or whatever it may be, remember we are all here to help one another. Again, welcome to AS. shelly
  10. ((((((Beautiful_Tragic )))))))) As }|{Btrflywngs}|{ said you have just now let your guard down and are begining your journey to healing. It isn't going to always be easy or be easy at all, but remember that you have your friend that you have already confided in and you now have us here at the board! Feel free to vent any time that you need to! whether good or bad, we care! Again, welcome to the board! shelly
  11. Welcome to AS. (((((angels)))) I hope that you find this place as welcoming as I have found this place! It is a wonderful place for support and/or to vent! Again, welcome! shelly
  12. Well if that isn't making one feel welcomed, I don't know what is! LOL. and SWEET , the spoon finally went to its final resting place lol. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcomed and the transition to a new board/forum so easy! shelly
  13. Hi all! My name is Shelly and I found this place about 3 months ago and have been snooping around but didn't actually register till a couple of days ago. I have actually been searching for new boards because of problems with the one that I just left. But I know some of the members here already and my fiance' joined a couple days ago as well....so thats a given. So I found this and another site that I think I am going to call my new homes, but I just wanted to say Hi! I will post my story in the appropriate section. shelly
  14. ((((kelly)))) Hi kelly...hope this place does turn out to be your new home and nothing like what happened in the past...but I understand what you mean about not wanting to be isolated and being a part of the forums. See you around. shelly
  15. Hi snowy, welcome to AS....more healing, more ears...plenty of them ... thats why we're here! shelly
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