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  1. Hi Pam welcome, I hope you find this place upbuilding and safe. I certainly have, I feel at home here. Cheers
  2. G'day MKJB, Good to meetcha, noticed your other posts and congratulations on your recovery from some of that other stuff. It's always great to read success stories helps me not give in. Cheers
  3. Thanks to everyone who posted their regards, I never expected even one person to do that! it really is a warm and caring place here. I only hope I can do the same for others
  4. Welcome! from another aussie
  5. I'm Alan, live in Australia I'm 23. My girlfriend just broke up with me because of issues she says comes from my past. So I realise too late now that I need help with all this abuse sh*t that's effecting my life and my relationships. So I finally found this place and I'm glad theres a place to come where I can speak freely about past abuse. Had a really ruff start to life with just my mum. Never knew my dad. Sadly mum's been an addict most her life and probably always will be. Abused sexually and physcially from 7-12 by my mum's bf/dealer/pimp. Was also sexualy abused by some older teen guys at school. It's hard to admit that my mum also joined in some of the abuse but its complicated and don't want to talk about it yet. Too many mixed feelings Its so hard to admit this stuff I cant believe I even wrote it. I hope what I wrote here is ok, oh and sorry about the swearing Alan
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