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  1. sunshinee~It is amazing! I love the rumbly sound! It almost makes me wish that my bf's voice was lower lol, except that I love his voice anyways. B4UBecomesU~I want to be a forensic clinical psychologist...so I still have to get my Ph.D...but I'm sure it will be worth it! MidnightSunshine531~Thank you! Oh yeah...and now I'm excited because today is my 21st birthday.
  2. Hey all! Thank you for welcoming me. sunshinee~Oooh, I wish I could hear your voice now. I love low voices! And they're so neglected in usual classical singing (which is probably why I sing barbershop lol). It's very fun! Although it's weird when you start falling into a pattern... And I have a tendency to write too much...see what I mean? No One~I bet you'll be fabulous getting your Psychology degree. revolution08~ Thank you. *bows* I try. What kind of psych degree did you get/what are you doing with it, if you don't mind me asking? Annabel: Hugs are always okay! Speaking of Psychology, I had my Experimental Psych final today... And on the last question, when it asked how I would explain to a friend why psychology is a science, I first wrote "tell them to take Experimental Psychology..." I hope she doesn't mind humor...
  3. I never have a clue what to write in Introduction threads... It either seems so generic or makes people think I'm weird. Although that's not exactly a false impression since I am weird! So hello. My name is Eisa (or at least, I really, really wish it was because it sounds so pretty, therefore I'm pretending it is ). I have somehow become a college senior already, and I'm majoring in psychology. Strange, you'd think I'd have much more insight into my personality and experiences than I do...I guess you really don't understand what's closest to you! I'm thinking of majoring in creative writing, too, but we'll see how that goes...if I just had to take writing classes, I'd be fine, it's all those other English classes. Hmmm, what else to babble on about myself... I love singing! My voice is basically first soprano, although I can sing second alto, too. I like having a nice range. And I make up melodies to songs. You know all the songs in the Redwall books by Brian Jacques? I made up melodies to almost all of them. And according to my boyfriend, they're not even half bad! Of course, I suppose he could be lying since he's in love with me, but he tries not to get my hopes up, so I think he's right...at least by his tastes. I found After Silence through the RAD website, which was cool, by the way. I just finished taking that, and I do believe that I know how to now. Also, I love smileys way too much, so that's why this post is festooned with them. Just thought I'd mention. I think that's enough for now. So hi y'all! I should be working on my Creative Writing portfolio right now or studying since it's Finals Week, but instead I'm on here. Go figure.
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