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    Right now, it's all about ME! I am interested in getting healthy and strong, reducing stress and building relationships, especially with family and taking care of things I have been neglecting...like my husband, house and God. I love to read about Christian Psychology, abuse, business management, and reframing my life. I love JESUS who is an everpresent help in my time of need.

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  1. You have to have 10 posts before you have full priviledges. Only 3 more to go! (I'm brand-new and just learning myself! LOL
  2. WELCOME, Eisa! I am a newbee, too! Love this site already! You seem like a very fun person... I also have an interest in Psychology from a Christian perspective and have read, informally, for YEARS! Actually, it has been a tremendous help! If you don't mind sharing, what aspect of Phychology do you plan to pursue after you graduate?
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