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  1. i wasn't sure where to post this request, but could someone please pm me or respond here? thanx!
  2. thanks for the great welcome everyone! i really appreciate it! i feel i'll open up soon...
  3. ToniLB


    i am so sorry that are struggling and hope you find some support and help here! just wanted to welcome you here! (if it's okay)
  4. ToniLB

    I'm New

    just wanted to say welcome! i am a newbie here too ;)... i look forward to getting to know more about you if that's okay, and congratulations on ur new little one! p.s. i love ur avatar....BIG mariska fan right here!
  5. i have posted twice, and finally realized that i never introduced myself here. my name is toni, been married almost 14 yrs and have an almost 6 yr old dd. i've dealt with multiple childhood abuse (csa, physical, emotional, verbal....i posted it in "i am a survivor of"...) for quite some time now, but things have been especially trying for me lately. my dad and i are currently not speaking and i don't see the situation improving anytime soon. because of this, i've had a few new issues come up that i am about to start back to therapy for. started coming here looking for support when it feels like i have so little within my own family of origin. thank you for allowing me to join...when i feel a little better about things, i'll post my story. i'm working on it now ;) looking forward to getting to know you all, ~toni
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