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  1. Hi Alive, Welcome to AS!
  2. Hi star, welcome to AS. Take your time on posting, and don't be nervous the people here are wonderful,.. I'm a survivor of domestic violence, r@pe, sexual assaults, sexual harassments and other abuse. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, depression & anxiety... I hope you are ok. Take care.
  3. Welcome to After Silence! I'm a survivor of abuse, sexual assault(s), sexual harassment(s) & r@pe. i've also been diagnosed with PTSD, depression (Both clinical & seasonal) as well as anxiety.
  4. Welcome hon, nice to meet you. Congrats on your baby and marriage. Take care of yourself.
  5. Welcome Tinker to After Silence. I'm 26 I suffer from GAD, SAD, Clinical Depression, Remants of PTSD and a survivor of r*pe, sexual assault, and abuse...
  6. Welcome to the site.... It took me many years to admit what I went through was indeed traumatic, I had to tell myself over and over again that i wasn't my fault, i didn't deserve what happened to me. I've since recovered, even though I do suffer from the odd body memory (flashback) and triggers, but I am no longer stuck in the horrible past.... Hang in there, it may have taken 6 yrs, but you are facing it now, and that is fantastic... PM me any time...
  7. Thank you guys. ;) ((((Pandoraisis)))) ((((gon))))
  8. Ruthie I'm not there anymore either. More on my site now, and just found this one...
  9. I am from TM lol, also have my own site now as well. So likely, what's your name on TM?
  10. Thank you Ihavemadeit... I already am, thank you for the welcome.
  11. Hi everyone, I actually got this forum from a member of yours, Broken Shell. I had to deal with PTSD, abuse issues from my ex who was sexually, mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. I've also had to deal with a rape (non violent) from him as well. Also to go along with that from the years of 1996-2001 I was assaulted/sexually harrassed and/or threatened rape from 8 other guys... I've learned to deal with alot of it thankfully, but it took me many many years to do so. I've finally dealt with the rape and the abuse that took me 8 yrs. I'm 25, living in Canada... Also suf
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