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    Cooking, Jewelry Design, Bible Study, Etymology, Physics , singing and art

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  1. Welcome to AS. glad you found your way here.
  2. Hey Roxy... just wanted to properly welcome you even though we have already talked... smiles... I hope you find all the support you need here.... if you need to talk i am here for you... anytime...
  3. Hey detroit... my love suggessted i join here too.... it is a very supportive place... everyone is so nice.... Welcome to AS
  4. Hey Sunshine and welcome to AS.... if ok
  5. Welcome back.... if it is ok
  6. Welcome to AS. I am finding these boards so helpful and the people here so compassionate and wonderful... I hope you do too.
  7. Welcome to AS.. you will find some amazing people here.... so compassionate.
  8. sending you warm safe hugs (((((((((((((allyson)))))))))))) .... i know about endless crying... sometimes it feels like thats all i ever do.... please im me if you need to talk... i am so sorry this is happening to you... please try and be safe and take gentle care of yourself....
  9. Thank you all so much for welcoming me here... and yes hugs are alright... they make me feel better... i do not remember when it started... too young i guess or maybe just too traumatic... i was not yet three.... but it seems to have set me up to have it happen multiple times over my life... by family and friends and strangers.... kind of makes me feel sometimes that they think thats all i am worth... pushing that thought awway hard... anyway... thank you all for being so welcoming...
  10. hey Roxy... welcome if it is ok...
  11. I am so scared to be doing this. i have been R multiple times... thats all i can say right now... my tummy is too tight and i am crying. sorry
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